Omnibus AIO F4 V4 OSD F405 Flight Controller


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Omnibus AIO F4 V4

The Omnibus F4 V4 bus has a Betaflight OSD, barometer, 5V BEC and a MicroSD Solt.
In addition to Multicopter, the Omnibus F4 V4 also supports the iNav firmware and is thus very suitable for surface models.

The F4 V4 bus uses the MPU6000 / ICM-20608 IMU over SPI and supports up to 32kHz.

STM32 F405 MCU
SPI Sensor MPU6000 (up to 32Khz)
ICM-20608 - 75Mhz SPI Bus
SBUS / PPM input (pinheaders)
Integrated Betaflight OSD (customizable via Betaflight)
SmartAudio V2 Support
6PWM Output (1-6 Pinheader)
Dimensions 36x36mm
Mounting holes 30.5x30.5mm
Integrated BMP 280 barometer
LED WS2812B output
SD Card Solt (Black Box)
Buzzer exit
Compatible with SBUS, PPM and DSMX